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Closure VII Master
Master in Planning and Management of Natural Risks
Digital magazine consorseguros October 2016


Informative day

On Saturday, April 1, from 9:30 a.m., in the Sede de Alicante, will take place the Conference "The Mediterranean Spanish, territory of risk". Organised by the Climatology Laboratory-University of Alicante and Ametse - Divulging and forecasts, and in which the Sede de Alicante - University of Alicante and the UA - University of Alicante collaborate. The entrance is free, until filling the capacity of the room (about 100 people).
Event on Facebook, where you can confirm attendance.
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International seminar - Closure VII Master in Planning and Management of Natural Risks

The next day 2 May 2017 will celebrate in the Living room of Degrees of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters III, the International Seminar "Consequences of the Climatic Change: meteorological phenomena extremes and adaptation of tourist activity".


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It will realise a seminar the Tuesday 21 March 2017, whose title is "Methodology for the estimate of costs by flood in zones habitacionales and rural in Mexico", given by Mariana Mancino, of the Faculty of Chemistry, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico UAEM, Toluca of Lerdo (Mexico), and of the Department of Geography, South National University, White Bay (Argentina).

Journal Investigaciones Geográficas no. 66

Investigaciones Geográficas published the 16/12/16 his last number, the number 66, corresponding to the second semester of 2016, that can consult in

Jorge Olcina Cantos and Clotilde Esclapez Selva
Secretaries of Edition of Investigaciones Geográficas

Planning for damage or complexity?

It has published the fifth issue of the digital magazine "Consorseguros" (October 2016).

You can view it at:

INAUGURAL CONFERENCE of the Masters in Planning and Management of Natural Risks

Next Friday, 21 October, will inaugurate the seventh edition of the Masters in Planning and Management of Natural Risks, course 2016-17.

The inaugural conference will run to charge of Jorge Marquínez, director of Indurot (Institute of Natural Resources and Ordination of the Territory), of the University of Oviedo. The title of the same is "Flood risk and sustainable management of the rivers".

Tha act will celebrate on 21 October, to the 10:30 hours, in the Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters III.

X International Congress AEC: Climate, society, risks and ordination of the territory

The University of Alicante receives, the next days 5 to 8 October 2016 in the Living room of Acts "Alfredo Orts" of the building of Optics, the celebration of the 10th International Congress of the Spanish Association of Climatology, organised by commission of the Spanish Association of Climatology to the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the UA. Ninety authors present the sixty-seven communications that go to organise around four main reports.

The Congress will broadcast by videostreaming.

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