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Master Course 2017-18
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Climatic change in the Mediterranean: future challenges

Conference "Climate change in the Mediterranean: future challenges", by Jorge Olcina Cantos, Professor of Geographical Analysis and Head of the Climatology Laboratory of the University of Alicante. Organized by: Grupo de Estudios de Actualidad de Alicante, GEA.

Place: Sede Universitaria Ciudad de Alicante, Ramón y Cajal, 4.
Day: November 22, 2017, Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Master in Planning and Management of Natural Risks - Conference

The next day 5 December 2017 will celebrate the conference "Climatic Risks in the United States of America", that will be presented by Carolina Nieto Ferreira, of the East Carolina University.

To the 16:00 o.m., in the IU/1002 classroom of the University Institutes Building (University of Alicante). Free entry. Certificate of 5 hours attendance will be issued.

Registration required 

The professor of the University of Alicante, Jorge Olcina, president of the Association of Geographers of Spain

The Professor of Geographical Analysis, director of the Laboratory of Climatology of the University of Alicante and director of the University City Seat of Alicante, Jorge Olcina, presides since last Friday, October 27, the Association of Spanish Geographers. The UA professor was the winner in the elections held during the extraordinary general assembly held in Madrid...

The floods of 30 September 1997

Twenty years have passed since the catastrophic floods of September 30, 1997. In this seminar will remember the climatic peculiarities of the province that cause these extremely intense downpours. Consult here the program.

Place: Palacio de Labradores, 15 (El Portalet - Sala noble)
Day: 2 November 2017, 18:30 hours.
Free entrance. Consult here the brochure.

The Community of Irrigators of Lorca honors the honorary rector of the UA, Antonio Gil Olcina

Long linked to his hometown, of which he is a Favorite Son and a great connoisseur of the problem of water and irrigators, Antonio Gil Olcina also has the High distinction of the Generalitat Valenciana, Grand Cross of Jaume I the Conqueror and is Knight Covered in Orihuela.

INAUGURAL CONFERENCE of the Master Planning and Management of Natural Risks

The Tuesday 10 October, will inaugurate the eighth edition of the Master Planning and Management of Natural Risks, course 2017-18.

The inaugural conference will run to charge of the Dr. Pilar Paneque (Pablo de Olavide University, European Project Empowering Climate ResilienceE-CARE). The title is "Vulnerability and resilience in the study of the risks".

The act will celebrate on 10 October, to the 17:00 hours, in the Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters III.


Pre-registration Third Phase until 15 Desember 2017, if the places are not covered before.


Pre-registration form.

Journal Investigaciones Geográficas no. 67
Investigaciones Geográficas finishes to publish his last number, the 67,
corresponding to the first semester of 2017,
it already can consult, in access totally open,

Jorge Olcina Cantos and Clotilde Esclapez Selva
Secretaries of Edition of Investigaciones Geográficas
The system of settlement of insurance entities

It has published the sixth issue of the digital magazine "Consorseguros" (May 2017).

You can view it at:


This last publication, "Tratado de Climatología", realized by the professors Antonio Gil Olcina and Jorge Olcina Cantos, promises to turn into a reference among the manuals of climatology. This work treats to analyze, in a rigorous and enjoyable form, aspects and concepts related to historical climatology, analytical and dynamic, presenting on the other hand a complete collection of illustrations and of concepts and data hitherto little spread, generally unknown.

On-line acquisition in the Service of Publications of the University of Alicante.

"ACONDICIONAMIENTO, RECTIFICACIÓN Y REGULACIÓN DEL SEGURA. Modificación de lechos, cuenca y régimen fluvial"

The professor Antonio Gil Olcina in his new work titled "Acondicionamiento, rectificación y regulación del Segura. Modificación de lechos, cuenca y régimen fluvial", reflects the efforts and hydraulic and hydrological performances of all type, the vital challenge that poses the half natural in the basin of the Segura, the river non-native more acutely regulated of Spain, and the problems for resolving.

On-line acquisition in the Service of Publications of the University of Alicante.

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