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Geomatics laboratory

The laboratory of Geomatics is the name currently given to the Organization in charge of administering the system of geographic information of the University of Alicante (follow), formerly known as GIS and cartography automated laboratory. The name change is due to the orientation of the laboratory to the development of geomatics or computer science applied to geography-based solutions.

Its origin goes back to the year 1997, the year that coincides with the start up service follow. In fact much of the dedication of the staff focuses on the maintenance of the system follow, as well as in the creation of new tools adapted to the needs of the University of Alicante.

The natural tendency in the University of Alicante of sharing resources and interconnected information systems has focused part of the dedication of the laboratory of geomatics to offer resources that are consumed by other units.

Geomatics laboratory staff consists mostly of graduates in geography, which develop their activities in the field of the geographic information technology based on free software.

Geomatics laboratory is located in the building of university institutes of the University of Alicante, is part of the Interuniversity Institute of geography.


Geomatics lab - Interuniversity Institute of Geography

Laboratorio de Geomática - Instituto Interuniversitario de Geografía
Universidad de Alicante
Apartado de Correos, 99
03080 Alicante (Spain)

Tel: (+34) 96 590 3945

Fax: (+34) 96 590 9485


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