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Lines of research

Geomatics of the Interuniversity Institute of geography laboratory is specialized in technical assistance, management of geodatabases, WEBGIS services hosting development of GIS tools for research units: "Theme and systems of information geographic mapmaking", "Natural landscapes and Recurson", "Risk climate and management of the territory", as well as to research groups of "Water and territory management" and "Planning and sustainable management of the tourism"


  • Mapping topics and human exploitation:
    • Utilization of water resources and climate
    • Climate risks
    • Socio-economic indicators related to the planning and sustainable management of tourism
  • Historical evolution of land use and landscape
    • Photogrammetry and photo interpretation.
    • Rectification and ortocomposicion of historical frames
    • Photointerpretation and retrospective analysis of the evolution of the landscape
    • Modelling of the terrain and evaluation of forms of relief in natural risks arising from changes in the use of the soil and hydrological studies
  • Cadastral maps and electronic management of real estate assets:
    • Automation of cadastral alterations
    • Asset management of base geospatial systems
    • Cadastral alteration management (OGC) standard protocol
    • Geodatabases to infrastructure and real estate management
  • Web GIS:
    • Creating and managing WEB infrastructure and corporate spaces in large institutions
    • Creation WEB of business information on industrial waste
    • WEB management of Geolocated information on tourist resources and analysis of information Geolocated by social networks in the development of tourist base Geospatial portals.
    • Creation of WEB services for GIS in real estate portal
    • Web services standard for the distribution of geographic information (SOAP, WMS, WFS)
    • Interoperable protocols for capturing and versioning of geographic data (WFS-T, WFS-V)
    • WPS application for allotment update profiles
    • REST architectures applied to the publication of cartography
    • Applications of R for the dynamic generation of thematic cartography
    • Routing and geocoding techniques applied to base geospatial and mobile portals
    • Process optimization of generation of laptops with servers balancing techniques
    • Applications GIS online / offline for mobile devices
    • Persistence of geographic data in NoSQL databases

Geomatics lab - Interuniversity Institute of Geography

Laboratorio de Geomática - Instituto Interuniversitario de Geografía
Universidad de Alicante
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