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Map of industrial waste in the province of Alicante

Map of industrial waste in the province of Alicante is a job, owned by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante, who has supported the Social work of the CAM and who have developed the following departments of the University of Alicante: Department of chemical engineering and geomatics laboratory of the University Institute of geography.

The above map is a geographic information system; that is, a database whose contents are associated with geographical entities. In this way, users can obtain information on waste related to geographic variables of interest, and achieve a clear and intuitive approach to data whose relationship with others is displayed quickly. This computer tool gives access, in a simple way, the following information:

  • Location, number and type of industrial waste generated by the main economic sectors in the province of Alicante.
  • Authorized managers of waste located in this province.
  • Waste treatment infrastructure (see Mapping Viewer).
  • Road transport infrastructure (see Mapping Viewer).
  • Estates and industrial areas in the province (see Mapping Viewer).

This information is provided by means of interactive queries that users specify the content.


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