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Memoria - SIGUA 2016/2017

Memory SIGUA 2017

During the course 2016/2017 the activities developed in the System of Geographic Information of the University of Alicante (SIGUA) have been:


  • Investigation in the virtualización of servers by means of dockers for the reproducibility and automation of tasks.

  • Optimisation of the managerial SSL for adecuación to the requests of security.

  • Tasks of maintenance

Protocol of spaces
  • Maintenance and update of the managers of maintenance of the Protocol of Spaces.
  • Periodic review of the activities of maintenance of the Protocol of Spaces and resolution of punctual incidences by part of the users

  • Development of tool of sending of notifications via email to the managers SIGUA of each unit/department to notify the need to situate properly to his personnel after exceeding a percentage of desubicados.

  • Creation of new activities or uses of stay more specific for each one of the university uses.

  • Creation of extension of the software QGIS to realise thematic maps and utilities of impression.

Administration of Databases
  • Development of new resources in the API of SIGUA to offer the data of SIGUA via resources REST.

  • Periodic evaluation of the tool of historical storage of Database of SIGUA using Redis + Python + PostgreSQL.

  • New utility in the API REST to associate URLs to codes SIGUA of persistent or temporary form. The API uses Redis like warehouse of keys.
  • Update of the utility on line of commandos for the transfer of data between the databases PostgreSQL of SIGUA and ORACLE of the Service of Computing, using Linux: flow

  • Monthly synchronisation between the database SIGUA (PostgreSQL) and seen materialised of the Computer Service (ORACLE).

Developments Web
  • Development and integration of new tool of visualisation of schedules of Classrooms in the finder of SIGUA.

  • Change of the provider of aerial image, replacement the imágen of google satelite , by an image of the PNOA, resident in a docker, through the cual serves in format wms to integrate in the finder.

  • Update of tool to add link web inside each geometry of SIGUA, making possible include links to web pages related with a determinate stay.

  • Improvements and updates of the existent functionalities in the finder.
  • Improvement of the tool of impression from the web of SIGUA.

  • Integration of the application SIGUA inside UACLOUD, constant communications with the Service of Computing and realisation of proofs of integration.
  • Punctual modifications of the rules of synchronisation between the data of Oracle of the Service of Computing and the Database of SIGUA

Investigation and prototipado

  • Updates of tool for automation in real time of the cartography of SIGUA after a modification of cartography in the Database: Mapproxy+Redis+Postgresql
  • Study of alternatives for the implantation of networks of positioning in the interior of buildings (buoys, inertial navigation, WiFi,...).
  • Study of tools of establishment of routes.
  • Study of new functionalities in PostgreSQL 9.X :
    • Seen materialised.
    • Evaluation of the log of the database.
    • Statistics of use of the database.
    • Extension madlib for minería of data.

  • Generation of infrastructure of extraction of historical states of the database of SIGUA demanded by Analytical Accounting by means of a network of dockers and cachés of Redis.
  • Configuration of some surroundings of development for analytical processing of data in PostgreSQL 9.5, including temporary series (Docker containers + postgres_fdw + binary JSON + GROUPING SETS)
  • Investigation in FrameWorks MVC for development of new infrastructure web of SIGUA and integration of functionalities in UACLOUD.


  • Work of field for comprobación of geometries of aseos after verification by part of concierges of buildings.
  • Conversations with the managers of gestión of educational spaces to detect possible inconsistencias between SIGUA and UXXI.
  • Works of punctual field for verification of geometries and spaces, after modifications and works.
  • Fusion of departments and adecuación of the data to the new reality.
  • Previous evaluation of modification of keys without affecting the referential integrity neither patterns of chain.


  • Support to managers of the Protocol of Spaces and his application.
  • Support to users of the application of desk SIGUAdmin.
  • Support to users of the web application SIGUA

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