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The SIOSE-INNOVA Project is a research project funded by the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016.


This project is organized in two complementary parts:

    A part of technical innovation that consists of checking which NoSQL technologies provide the best solutions to exploit certain facets of the SIOSE database
    An applied part that implies the implementation of these new technologies in real case studies.

During the three years that the project will last, the following specific objectives will be achieved:

    Create a reproducible and easily usable experimentation framework for a large number of users.
    Analyze the needs and performance of different technologies of NoSQL databases for the exploitation of the SIOSE.
    Develop and implement a new auxiliary data model that allows extending the possibilities of SIOSE analysis with Big Data or Data Mining techniques.
    Evaluate the usability of the SIOSE data in different technological platforms, through its application in real use cases in which using land occupation data is essential.


Land uses (LUs) are defined as classifications of the territory, according to their functional dimension or their socio-economic dedication, both current and planned (for example, residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, forestry, recreational). In contrast, land cover (LC) are defined from a more anthropocentric point of view, describing the surface of the Earth by its biophysical characteristics.

The availability of homogeneous LU / LC data sets is an essential requirement for political decision making and effective management of natural resources. These layers of geoinformation are necessary in all kinds of geographical studies of land management, forestry, agriculture, water resources management, natural risks, conservation of the environment and studies on climate change.

In 2005, SIOSE (Information System on Soil Occupation of Spain) was the first initiative to apply the INSPIRE specifications on LU / LC on data modeling, achieving important advances in standardization, harmonization and coordination of data base production. land occupation of Spain. Since then SIOSE has become a model of good practices for other European initiatives. A key aspect to understand the SIOSE model is that it is an object-oriented model, which has numerous advantages in terms of descriptive richness and extensibility. However, the main drawback of object-oriented description systems may be their limited usability or ability to use by non-expert users. In addition, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are not prepared to store the data of land uses modeled as objects in a natural way.

This project has formed a multidisciplinary research group composed of geographers, geodesists, physicists and computer scientists with a common interest in the study of geographic databases. The collaboration between the university and the research team responsible for the SIOSE database is essential to study the theoretical-practical drawbacks and find a solution for them.

The main objectives of this project have a part of technical innovation and another applied. The technical innovation consists of integrating new technologies of geospatial databases that allow to store the geographic data modeled as objects in a more natural way. In addition, the applied part will consist of using these new technologies in real cases of study that can benefit to a greater extent from the object-oriented model of the SIOSE. The developments proposed in this proposal will serve to increase the accessibility and usability of LU / LC data in Spain. This will entail a better use of the technological resources provided by the National Geographic Institute, as well as significant savings of time and resources in the realization of geographical studies.



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