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Proyecto Ramon Llull: Sistema de gestión de alteraciones catastrales para las notarías

Ramón Llull project - management platform cadastral records alteration

The quality of information on the precise ownership of instruments that allow to obtain more benefit of GIS in the management of real estate assets. Since 2005, the research project: "Ramón Llull" is dedicated to investigate the use of geographic information in the traffic of information on real estate assets, sponsored by the Notary Association of Valencia and the General Council of notaries, under the direction of Antonio Jiménez Clar and Alfredo Ramon Morte, teachers in the areas of Civil law and Regional geographic analysis, at the head of a group of researchers of the laboratory of geomatics of the Interuniversity Institute of geography of the University of Alicante.

Among the results, we will highlight the creation of a set of applications capable of providing professionals, technicians, lawyers, tools based on geographic information systems for the management of cadastral geographic information, consistent with the requirements of the Cartographic management of the cadastre Directorate General, whose collaboration has been decisive, beyond the various telematics services already provided by your Virtual Office.

These developments enable you to check the geometry of the cadastral plots involved in various types of basic alteration operations (aggregation, segregation, division or settling), new construction and horizontal division, using "transparent" topological comparison matrices. Collation mapping, adds the ability to automatically generate the necessary components to build the proposed alteration in digital format, forms type 902 or 903 in PDF, as well as graphical outputs to screen/paper, incorporating the plane to own writing, to give greater legal certainty to the property declaration.

Client applications have been designed for ease of use, thanks to the transparency of the processes more complex, downloading reference through an HTTP request to the Virtual Office of cadastre information. Components have been developed in language C#, based on components of open source as a framework of rendering SharpMap or NTS Net Topology Suite analysis library.

The key to success lies in the ability to secure and effective communication among staff with legal and technical training profiles, from a common to all users and intuitive work environment. In this sense, very helpful resource to the web services of the infrastructure of spatial data of Spain (IDEE) as visual cartographic reference. This, together with the download services of data, conversion of CAD geometries to GIS, topological error detection data formats for the incorporation of the proposal in the SIGCA of cadastre and the possibility to revise the project or record of alteration from a graphical environment, they become a real "test bank" prior to the granting of his public writing tool.

If the customer stands out for its ease of use, the part of the server ensures robustness, competition and security through a work environment with certified access / digital signature from the customer (notarial certificate, eDNI...), a service support -online training- WEB upgrade versions and data server dedicated to manage all cadastral alteration records produced by the client applicationsto give the necessary security procedures and work processes.

Need to adjust tools to the needs of users requires that they are scalable and flexible, in accordance with the development of the project itself, fundamental reason for the computer use of open source and free software, in charge of a group of development in continuous evolution, researching tools that allow you to make use of interoperable services, and standard (OGC) which could release part of operating customer for use from a web browser.

On the WEB , you can access the download of updates, documentation, and technical assistance, as the experimental phase of putting into operation, along with a program of user training and dissemination of the project. The first edition of these courses was held last March at the University of Alicante and the next will take place in the Notary Association of Valencia and the University venue in Benissa, during the months of may, June and July.

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