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What is Sigua.NET?

In a summary manner, we can say that Sigua.NET is outsourcing the University community of a research project at the University of Alicante (UA) for the management of spaces in universities. This project, called SIGUA was initiated in 1997, currently serving 10 years since its inception.
In his long career follow has gone through many phases, but worth noting his dedication to public service and commitment to geographical information techniques. Its design split initially the use of commercial software, but with the passage of time has evolved into a system based on the adoption of programmes and open source libraries that have allowed to develop a few utilities adapted specifically to the end which is intended. FOLLOW today is an integrated service in the management of the University of Alicante, adopted naturally by the University community and tightly integrated with other corporate management tools, such as: teaching management and academic (reservation of spaces), infrastructures, spaces (distribution of spaces, heritage and inventory, signage, simulations), prevention, safety and hygiene

An open knowledge project

The bodies of Governments at the UA, a proposal from developers of SIGUA, have promoted the creation of a knowledge network for the development and dissemination of tools designed in follow in order to spread a different way of conceiving space management in universities based on the use of geographical information techniques. For this reason it proposes the creation of a collaborative network among the universities that wish to adhere to this community for the implementation, support and development of this system, in order to solve a problem that is common in our universities, the management of a limited good, space.
Our dedication to public service and the influence of capacity currents based on open knowledge projects have encouraged us to promote this line that has no other purpose than the serve the University community, bring our knowledge and expect your cooperation in order to improve the performance of the same. From the moment this network is created, Sigua.NET is a service of the University of Alicante to become a project promoted by all the members of the network, whose success depends on our degree of collaboration.

Definition of Sigua.NET

The idea of a collaborative project of software can lead to the misconception that Sigua.NET is an application that can be installed as the rest of computer programs. Nothing is further from reality, Sigua.NET is a set of utilities designed for spatial management in University areas, extending to other organisms. This practical definition hides other acecciones that we should not forget:

  • Sigua.NET is a geographic information system whose core lies in a spatial database or geodatabase.
  • It is a set of rules, protocols and directives of action for the management of spaces.
  • From the point of view of the end user, Sigua.NET is an Internet portal where to consume the services offered and map services show.
  • For a Manager Sigua.NET is a tool to carry out the maintenance of its spaces, and a system to reflect the location of the staff associated with your unit.


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