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Interuniversity Institute of geography - News published in November 2015

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News published in November 2015
  • Monday, 16
  • Website of the geographical research magazine

    New web platform of the Geographical Research review

    From the editorial team of Geographic Research we are pleased to announce the implementation of the new platform of the review. The new address of the magazine is (although we keep the domain always redirected to the new ).

    The new website is hosted on an Open Journal System platform, used by the journals of higher quality and impact in the world.

    The change goes beyond a transformation of appearance: the whole process of management articles, assignment of reviewers, return of evidence... will be from this moment much more transparent and much more agile. Although migrate to a platform of this kind was not mandatory, yes was highly recommended to demonstrate compliance with the criteria of quality portals and databases in which the magazine is (and expected to be) hosted. The process changes from now on, since the delivery of articles will only through the platform, and is promptly recorded all correspondence between authors, reviewers and editors. To upload an article it will be necessary to register and from then on, the author may know what state the article is.

    It is possible to also register as a reader, to receive notices of the publication of new numbers.

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