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Definitive proclamation of candidates.

I PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST "Climates and landscapes of Alicante"

We invite you to participate in the I Photography Competition of the Interuniversity Institute of Geography, entitled "Climates and landscapes of Alicante".

The exhibition of the selected photographs will be made on the Facebook page of the Interuniversity Institute of Geography.

Deadline for participation: from October 15 to November 15, according to the rules of the contest.

Master in Planning and Management of Natural Risks - Conference

The next Monday October 22 will celebrate the conference "Hurricane Florence: meteorology, impacts and recovery in North Carolina", that will be presented by Carolina Nieto Ferreira, of the East Carolina University.

To the 4 p.m., in the IU/CARTOTECA classroom of the University Institutes Building (University of Alicante).

Admission is free until full capacity.

INAUGURAL CONFERENCE of the Master Planning and Management of Natural Risks

The Wednesday 10 October, will inaugurate the ninth edition of the Master Planning and Management of Natural Risks, course 2018-19.

The inaugural conference will run to charge of Anna Badia (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). The title is "Fires at the urban-forest interface: from fire as tool of management to fire as a threat".

The act will celebrate on 10 October, to the 4 p.m., in the Multimedia Room of Rectorship (0028PB005).

Free entry until complete seats.

Gallery of photos.

The importance of data in disaster risk reduction

It has published the eighth issue of the digital magazine "Consorseguros" (Spring 2018).

You can view it at:

Journal Investigaciones Geográficas no. 69

"Investigaciones Geográficas" finishes to publish his last number, the 69, corresponding to the first semester of 2018, it already can consult in access totally open, in

Jorge Olcina Cantos and Clotilde Esclapez Selva
Secretaries of Edition of Investigaciones Geográficas


This last publication, "Tratado de Climatología", realized by the professors Antonio Gil Olcina and Jorge Olcina Cantos, promises to turn into a reference among the manuals of climatology. This work treats to analyze, in a rigorous and enjoyable form, aspects and concepts related to historical climatology, analytical and dynamic, presenting on the other hand a complete collection of illustrations and of concepts and data hitherto little spread, generally unknown.

On-line acquisition in the Service of Publications of the University of Alicante.

"ACONDICIONAMIENTO, RECTIFICACIÓN Y REGULACIÓN DEL SEGURA. Modificación de lechos, cuenca y régimen fluvial"

The professor Antonio Gil Olcina in his new work titled "Acondicionamiento, rectificación y regulación del Segura. Modificación de lechos, cuenca y régimen fluvial", reflects the efforts and hydraulic and hydrological performances of all type, the vital challenge that poses the half natural in the basin of the Segura, the river non-native more acutely regulated of Spain, and the problems for resolving.

On-line acquisition in the Service of Publications of the University of Alicante.

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