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The current scenario, with the launch of the European Higher Education Area, provides and raises the need for university research groups to establish stable cooperative ties. In this sense, the transformation of the University of Alicante Institute of Geography, created by Ministerial Order of 15 November 1982 (BOE of 12 January 1983), into Interuniversity Institute of Geography (IIG), with the addition of the Climate Laboratory of the Universitat Jaume I, by Decree 116/2009, of 31 July, by the Valencian Government Council (DOCV of 4 August 2009), is the natural evolution of both centres which joined their efforts, resources and staff into one, in order to strengthen and expand their research activity. Thus, the Interuniversity Institute of Geography, belonging to the Universities of Alicante and Jaume I, has offices in both institutions. 

The Interuniversity Institute of Geography at the University of Alicante is now based where its predecessor, the University of Alicante Institute of Geography was set up more than six decades ago. From 1982 until today, already very entrenched lines of research, and with a solid reputation, have been developed, especially in the field of climatology, inland waters and water resources, plant settlements, agricultural structures and rustic property, historical geography, regional geography, planning, digital cartography and geographic information systems. Publications by this Institute are abundant such as books and numerous articles in specialised national and international journals. Also, many dissertations, Master’s projects and doctoral theses have been defended under the roof of this Institute. At the time, the Institute has contributed to the spread of geographical knowledge through the continuous publication, since 1983, of the Journal Investigaciones Geográficas (ISSN 0213-4691), one with the largest national prestige in its field, as well as through the provision of geographic specialised studies, with the current Master’s Degree in Natural Hazards Planning and Management.

Based in the University Institutes building (Campus of San Vicente del Raspeig), the venue of the Interuniversity Institute of Geography at the University of Alicante has a rich specialised library and laboratories of Biogeography, Climatology, Geomorphology and Geomatics. In a few words, the Interuniversity Institute of Geography, open to professionals and people interested in geography or related disciplines, collaborates in its field of study with other institutes and university departments, faculties, colleges and other scientific centres with the ultimate goal to promote, develop and deepen the geographical research, particularly in the fields stated above and, especially in the eastern and south facades of the Iberian Peninsula.


Interuniversity Institute of Geography (Alicante)

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