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"Libro Jubilar en Homenaje al Profesor Antonio Gil Olcina"

We are pleased to report the publication of an extended version of "Libro Jubilar en Homenaje al Profesor Antonio Gil Olcina". Coordinated by professors Jorge Olcina Cantos and Antonio M. Rico Amorós, it includes seventy-six invited contributions from colleagues and disciples of the honoree. These contributions, based on research by Professor Gil Olcina are grouped into four sections, relating, respectively, to "Climate and Water", "Structures and Rural Landscapes", "Historical Geography, Literary History and Geography of Geography" and "Regional Geography". Open this book, the pages dedicated to a university point of the honoree; and closes it, given his capacity as Chairman of the Management Committee of the University of Alicante and first Chancellor of the same, a section on "University Management".

The idea of a new edition of the intention to introduce some contributions that are not listed in the previous version and, at the same time, take advantage of the new release to increase the dissemination of the work on the network. That is why this year's tribute book is conceived as a digital publication and disclosure is made solely online (no printed version).

The book, which in its title adds the phrase "extended version" corresponds to a year different from the original (2016) edition and also has a different ISBN (978-84-16724-09-3), so we could talk about different books, not a second edition.

In addition it has been awarded a generic DOI for the entire publication ( present in the credits, which ensures direct and permanent access to copy, even if you change your address on the network.

The file is now available for free consultation and / or download the Institutional Repository of the University of Alicante (RUA) ( in the database of scientific literature Dialnet (, and service giant Google, Database Google Books (

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