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I Meeting of Water Research Centers in Spain

On November 23th, the I Meeting of Water Research Centers in Spain, organized by the Institute for Water Research, of the University of Barcelona, took place. The Interuniversity Institute of Geography attended this first meeting through the representation of the researcher María F. Zaragoza Martí.

In this meeting have participated 22 research centers from all over Spain, with scientific and research areas related to water resources from various fields of knowledge and lines of work: sustainable management of hydraulic resources, integral water cycle, water-agriculture/water-city, planning of the territory, microbiological quality of water, river landscape… The result of this meeting was very productive, given that several agreements of high interest were adopted, such as the creation of a network of collaboration and public advice, which will allow identifying objectives and topics of common interest in the area of water resources, the generation of scientific knowledge in a coordinated way between the different disciplines and areas represented, as well as to enhance the capacity and potential that agglomerates all the participating research institutes. The next year will be at the Polytechnic University of Valencia where the Second Meeting is held, to continue working on improving the visibility and quality of Spanish scientific research in the area of water resources with a multidisciplinary perspective.

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