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Paula Andrea Zapperi

Assessment of the stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante, by Paula Andrea Zapperi

Academic discipline and current profession:
Doctor in Geography

University of origin:
National University of the South (UNS) - Argentina

Period of stay in the IIG:
May - June 2017

  • What is your academic background and professional experience?

I have a Degree and I am Doctor in Geography. I work as a teaching assistant at the National University of the South (Argentina) and I am an assistant researcher for the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of the same country.

  • How did you find the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

By consulting the website of the Institute.

  • What motivated your stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

My interest in make a research stay at the IIG was mainly based on the lines of work of the researchers of the Water and Territory research group.

  • What research project did you develop during your stay?

During my stay I wrote a research paper that was later published in the journal Investigaciones Geográficas. The same paper, in turn, served as the basis to continue a comparative research work with the research supervisor of my stay (Dr. Jorge Olcina Cantos).

  • To what extent were the technical facilities and the work team of the Institute useful for the development of your research?

They were highly useful. I had access to the library and had a computer, scanner and printer to perform tasks of analysis and information collection. In turn, both the director, Antonio Rico, and research and technical staff of the Institute were very attentive and they showed me the resources available. Furthermore, the research supervisor received me very cordially and he provides me advice and guidance for conducting my research tasks.

I also want to mention the support received by the researchers and staff members and the director of the Geomatics Laboratory with whom I have been able to exchange work experiences and I am still in contact.

  • What is your assessment of the educational and recreational offer offered by the university campus?

In my opinion the educational and recreational offer of the UA campus is very good, and I would highlight the diversity of libraries as well as the outdoor spaces.

In Bahía Blanca (Argentina), on April 5, 2019

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