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Guadalupe Díaz Gutiérrez

Assessment of the stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante, by Guadalupe Díaz Gutiérrez

Academic discipline and current profession:
Master in Space Analysis and Geoinformatics

University of origin:
University of the State of Mexico

Period of stay in the IIG:
March - May 2018

  • What is your academic background and professional experience?

I am geographer specialized in natural risks and water resources, with a master's degree in Spatial Analysis and Geoinformatics. I have participated in different projects about management and vulnerability of groundwater resources. I collaborated with the National Institute of Nuclear Research (Mexico), and I assisted to international conferences on water sustainability, and I also participated in a scientific research stay at the Oceanological Research Institute (Baja California, Mexico).

  • How did you find the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

By the recommendation of professor from my university, and later by consulting a book published by Prof. Jorge Olcina, which highlighted my interest in search about the Interuniversity Institute of Geography on the web site and through social networks.

  • What motivated your stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

I was motivated by the admiration I feel for the researchers of the Institute, as I knew about the scientific production they generate in each of their departments and laboratories, such as climatology books and articles in research lines focused on water resources, cartography and geographic information systems.

  • What research project did you develop during your stay?

My research was focused on the vulnerability and contamination of aquifers, specifically by marine intrusion, applying geotechnical methods and techniques, with the use of geographic information systems.

  • To what extent were the technical facilities and the work team of the Institute useful for the development of your research?

Technical facilities were totally efficient and useful, they are very complete and modern. Furthermore, I want to highlight the management and research team who are working in the Institute. They were of great importance and usefulness for my research project to be holistic and comprehensive, as they supported me all the time offering their knowledge and expertise.

  • What is your assessment of the educational and recreational offer offered by the university campus?

My assessment is 100 % positive and effective, providing a complete academic offer and with professional staff, in addition to exemplary campus facilities.

In Mexico, to April 3, 2019

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