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Eleticia Pinargote Macías

Assessment of the stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante, by Eleticia Pinargote Macías

Academic discipline and current profession:
University teacher

University of origin:
Technical University of Manabí (Ecuador)

Period of stay in the IIG:
May - July 2019

  • What is your academic background and professional experience?

My academic training is a Bachelor of Science in Education (undergraduate) and a Master's degree in Educational and Professional Management. My professional experience has revolved around teaching, 20 years of teaching at the Technical University of Manabí. I have also worked in management processes in the development of community and educational projects.

  • How did you find the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

IThrough the interinstitutional agreement that the Technical University of Manabí has signed with the University of Alicante. The doctoral program was promoted by the Department of University Cooperation.

  • What motivated your stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

TIt was the initiative of our Rector. I also believe that being doing a doctorate in this prestigious university was necessary to share the experience in situ.

  • What research project did you develop during your stay?

During the stay I advanced with the development of my research. In addition, tasks proposed by Dr. Gabino Ponce, Program director were developed, as a visit to places to share the local development experience, conferences about research and local development processes, doctoral thesis analysis, as well as preparation of an article that was published in a journal of the Autonomous University of Mexico.

  • To what extent were the technical facilities and the work team of the Institute useful for the development of your research?

A lot. The technical team always had a predisposition to guide us in the processes. I noticed some difficulty to access to the repository of texts. When I requested it, texts were not available. However, I could work with very good printed texts that were in the areas where we work.

  • What is your assessment of the educational and recreational offer offered by the university campus?

It seems to me that the campus has an excellent training offer, in my opinion it is very complete, with a very competent teaching and administrative team, and with a great human quality. Very grateful for the welcome given to us during the stay.

Ecuador, February 6, 2020

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