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Reyna Cruz Cruz

Assessment of the stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante, by Reyna Cruz Cruz

Academic discipline and current profession:
Engineering in Geomatics

University of origin:
Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

Period of stay in the IIG:
March - April 2019

  • What is your academic background and professional experience?

I am a Geomatics Engineer graduated by the University of Sciences ans Arts of Chiapas. I have worked as an engineer on topics such as topography, topographic surveys, generation of cartography or marketing, and I am currently doing the Master in Spatial Analysis and Geoinformatics.

  • How did you find the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

It was a recommendation of my supervisor, Prof. José Emilio Baró Suárez.

  • What motivated your stay at the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante?

The reason for my research stay is strengthen the use of geographical information systems by working in the Geomatics Laboratory of the Institute. It was also important to be part of high-level researchers’ staff who can contribute to the development and strengthening of my research work or improve research by taking advantage of the extensive experience and knowledge in the structuring and management of databases and the use of geographic information systems for analysis and interpretation of spatial data.

  • What research project did you develop during your stay?

"Spatial analysis of the correlation of geophysical parameters with Radon isotope with support of GIS tools in geothermal fields of Humeros Puebla, Mexico".

  • To what extent were the technical facilities and the work team of the Institute useful for the development of your research?

The Institute has professional and research facilities that promote concentration, in addition to necessary research equipment to carry out the research work.

  • What is your assessment of the educational and recreational offer offered by the university campus?

It is a high-level Institute that has researchers and specialists in different topics or research questions. It is an excellent option for professional training in which develop a scientific task in an excellent way, since it has a pleasant work and social atmosphere, including the teamwork of the Institute.

In Alicante, on April 3, 2019

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